Camp Kiesel with the Activity Days Girls

Last Wednesday, I went to Camp Kiesel with the Activity Days girls from our ward. 

A woman in my ward told me that they bought their home when her daughter (now eleven-years-old) was in nursery. For years and years, she was the only girl in the ward. Their family planned to move when she got older so she would be able to participate Young Womens with other girls. Within the last couple of years, the number of girls in our ward has exploded and they don't need to go anywhere.

At Camp Kiesel, the girls participated in some running games:

An obstacle course: 

Shooting wrist rockets: 

Shooting BB guns: 

And archery:

I took a nap while they played lawn games and then joined back up with them for lunch. Earlier in the morning, the girls also had the chance to buy something (with money they each brought from home) from the camp store. I was proud of Rachel and Lucy for coming back out of the store empty-handed. "Everything is so expensive in there. They were selling bracelets for four dollars! Do you know how much you can buy in Thailand with four dollars?!" I loved it. 

We made crafts, learned how to tie knots, and went for a nature hike. The scout camp leaders told the girls that Lamb's Ear was poisonous. And that if you ate it, you would die in three days because there is no cure. . . so now I'm not sure whether to believe anything else they told us. 

The girls listened intently to the water safety instruction: 

And then it was finally time for boating!

I actually started out as the captain of one of these paddle boats:

But after paddling across the pond and back, I jumped out and had this scout camp worker switch me so I could take some pictures. 

It was a beautiful day, just perfect: 

There were a few water wars with the girls on the other boats: 

And then most of the girls ended up jumping off the dock into the water: 

I was standing by, ready to take this picture. Lucy was supposed to pull the guy down into the water when he helped her out. . . but it didn't happen. 

What a fun group of girls!

I endured one last encounter with the super cheesy camp leaders during the closing ceremony, and then I drove seven girls back home. It was kind of painful to drive right by Causey Dam with its spectacular green-toned water and Pineview Reservoir with its inviting beaches. . . we need to get back up there before summer is over!

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