Family Reunion Crashers

Last week, we went to Bear Lake. Before we made it to the beach, we had to stop at La Beau's:

Then we drove to Ideal Beach Resort, where the Adams Family was having their family reunion. This was my first time back to that beach since I was a child. . . so many memories from what was then named Sweetwater Resort.

It was great having so many older helpers around. The kids carried the kayak and the inflatable island all by themselves. In fact, they took care of that thing without any help from me. . . getting it inflated, setting it up in the water, deflating it, and folding it back up again. This is Holden and Kaleigh out on the kayak:

After a few hours on the beach, we went in for dinner. A few of the boys were downstairs in the store. . . this is where I found my boy:

Natalie made a delicious chicken fajita dinner, and then she was in charge of the talent show:

So nice of them to let us participate. I know these aren't the best photos (especially with my pile of stuff in the background) but I love all of the smiles:

Fun skits. . . I probably should have gotten them on video.

Then the kids took turns telling jokes: 

I don't know if this is Max or Will, but he was my favorite. He stood up to tell a joke, but was laughing so hard that he couldn't get any words out.

After a few dozen"Yo Mama" jokes, we headed out to the pool. This is the gigantic hot tub:

Natalie was playing with my camera and took these pictures: 

The kids had so much fun because there was no lifeguard on duty. . . which meant that there weren't any rules. None of the pools around here let you on the diving board while wearing a life jacket and Kaleigh isn't a great swimmer yet, so she never gets to jump off the diving board. She had no fear. By the end of the night, she was doing flips.

No other pictures because I was swimming, but those kids had a great time. They made a big long line and jumped off the board, one right after another, splashing as much as they could. David's cannonball splashes were so big that even the other families in the hot tub were impressed. 

The pool finally closed, and we bid farewell to the Adams Family. So many fun cousins to play with that it was hard to pull the kids away. We drove up the east side of the lake and stayed the night at the Eyre cabin. We woke up to one of Saren's brothers and her dad playing tennis on the court adjacent to the cabin. Adam got his bowl of dry cereal and watched the game closely, intent on figuring out the rules of tennis. 

I ended up hitting balls with the kids for a couple of hours. It was the first time I'd used a tennis ball machine since high school. . . we had a blast, but the next day I was sore! If anyone wants to know what I want for my birthday, here it is.

We packed things up and went down to the lake. Rachel and Lucy tried to get into the kayak together, but ended up flipping over:

So Rachel went out solo:

My Adams cousins had told me that these giant jawbreaker suckers are a rite of passage at Ideal Beach Resort:

All I know is that Kaleigh thought it was the greatest thing ever. 

We had green curry (from Thai Curry Kitchen) for lunch and then spent the afternoon watching the kids play in the water. There's no need for a boat when you have Isaac Loosli to pull you around: 

These pictures are a little deceiving. . . it looks hot and sunny, but there was some significant wind and it was pretty chilly out there by the water.

Lucy and Hazel (Eliza's cousin) built a serious sandcastle:

And then Saren's mom brought out some kites to go with all of the wind. The kites were a big hit. 

It was Kaleigh's first time flying a kite:

She was absolutely delighted that she got to do it all by herself. (The while goatee around her mouth is from her giant sucker.)

Saren was in charge of dinner, and we had some tasty hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. Even better was the conversation. Richard Eyre loves to instigate discussions. My favorite was his question, "If you had to live in Utah, would you rather live in Provo or Ogden?" Guess how that one went down. . .

We had a great day. The Eyres have an admirable family and I enjoyed meeting a few more of Saren's siblings.

After dinner I took my first (and only) picture of Rachel and Lucy with Eliza:

And then Rachel took more than a dozen pictures of the sunset. . . so sublime:

And so perfect. Have you heard Sarah Sample's song Count the Colors

It wasn't easy to get the kids back in the car. . . they didn't want to leave. I think this is Adam saying goodbye to Oliver, even though it looks more like a lovers' quarrel. I'm sure they will be thrilled with the pictures in 10-15 years. 

And then we drove home. It was a long, noisy drive home because of the kayak. Apparently, Steve is the only one who knows how to strap it to the roof rack so it doesn't make a racket. I actually stopped in Logan and retied it, but it just shifted from sounding like a lawnmower to making a piercing whistling noise. But we made it. Adam was so tired, he zonked out on the stairs as he was walking to his bedroom: 

This picture of Lucy's back was taken the next day. I know it looks like a tan, but it really was a burn. I had reapplied sunscreen three times at Bear Lake, but that blazing sun still got her. 

Thanks to the Adams Family and the Eyre Family for letting us crash your family reunions! 

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