Malouf and Franson. The wedding of my sister. Here are some Haikus.

We were on our way. 
I had everything ready. 
Then a flat tire. 

We made it in time. 
Big thanks to Sam's Club Tire. 
Hair was still undone. 

Rachel took these shots. 
She is my second shooter. 
Cora makes me smile. 

(P.S. That's a joke. 
I'm not a photographer. 
Doing as was asked.)

Four cute little kids. 
Plus two cute older ones too. 
Good luck, Rebecca. 

We all took our seats.
We sat at the Grape Arbor.
At Thanksgiving Point.

The chairs were all filled. 
Each one with someone special. 
Just close family. 

The children darted
In and out of the tables.
Like a fairy tale.

Two boys, new brothers. 
What was their conversation?
We will never know. 

The tables were set. 
Far more than glasses and forks. 
So many details. 

Cousins were giggly. 
India smelled the flowers. 
Finn got wet. 

Ivy was ornery. 
I told Kacie to smile. 
She said she couldn't. 

Presenting the bride.
She never stopped smiling.
That's the honest truth.

We posed for pictures. 
Before the ceremony. 
It was required. 

Two girls, new sisters.
Inseparable all night.
Leah and Sydney.

Then, here comes the bride.
Escorted by her father.
The sun was golden.

Everyone stood up.
But then nobody sat down.
It still makes me laugh.

Mr. and Mrs.
They look so good together.
Walking hand in hand.

Here are the six kids.
Trevor forgot to smile.
You need a big house.

Emily and Steve. 
We are not photogenic.
Just take a look here. 

There's Steve and his purse.
And I look like I'm flexing.
What is going on?!?

Rachel is too short.
So we look like huge giants.
Really Steve, duck lips?

Then here comes Kaleigh.
It happens all of the time.
At least Steve smiled.

We almost gave up.
Nice composure, just fuzzy.
I guess this will do.

Then Steve said one more.
"Let's pose like at the temple."
I didn't smile.

Then Steve got bothered.
"What are you even doing?"
That's when I smiled.

Not at our faces
The camera was pointed.
She wanted our hands.

Enough with pictures.
Or rather, being in them.
I am the photographer.

This girl makes me smile. 
Except for when she gets lost. 
She was in the loo. 

We ate lots of food. 
Lots and lots of yummy food. 
I like to eat food. 

I am so tired
Of composing these Haikus.
I am breaking the syllable rules with this one,
But congratulations, you two.

P.S. Here are a few of the images the photographer took at the wedding. . . 
hope I am okay to post them?

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Natalie B. said...

It is the most beautiful wedding! And I think you are one of the most photogenic people I know. We have even discussed it...no matter what you always look fabulous in pictures. I can't believe how lovely it all was...down to the smallest little details. Thanks for the peek!