The Fourth

We celebrated the 4th of July with a BBQ at Dave & Leslie's house. Steve did the grocery shopping for our food assignments. I shucked the corn and baked the rolls. Rachel made the Jello. We showed up at their house and I promptly fell asleep on their living room sofa, thanks to some serious jet lag/bronchitis. 

Steve woke me up a couple hours later. They were about to start a water fight and he wanted me to take pictures. The word "hangry" describes someone who is in a bad mood because they are hungry. Is there an equivalent work for someone who is ornery because they are still tired? Because that's what I was. 

The eleven cousins (Logan was on his way to the ER) weren't standing still, so I told Steve if he wanted a picture, he would have to set them up. Luke didn't listen when Steve told him to move over, so Steve sprayed him with a water gun. In the face. 

Resulting in tears: 

I was not impressed with Jake when I taking these pictures:

Now it is funny: 

Luke was still crying: 

The kids took turns being goofballs:

And I was growing increasingly frustrated:

Not the best pictures, photographically, but just trying to capture the memory:

And we're done:

I was mostly frustrated because I thought my camera was broken. Everything in the viewfinder looked blurry and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Wish I would have googled it yesterday because I thought my new lens was broken. Now I know it's just the diopter, which is a super easy fix.

If I would have known my pictures were actually going to turn out, I would have been motivated to take more. . . and then I would have captured some more gems, like this one:

The water fight began: 

And thirty seconds later, Kaleigh took a water ballon straight in the face. So sad I didn't have my camera ready because the photo would have been epic.

Poor girl: 

Her team tried to retaliate:

But these boys are strong: 

Steve asked Jake to stand still and let Kaleigh hit him with a water balloon, and that put a stop to the tears. 

Once the water fight action was over, she settled down and played with Luke in their "boat": 

There's a short list of kids who play well with Kaleigh; Luke is at the top of that list. 

The slip 'n slide/painter's tarp was a big hit. I only took a few pictures before I gave up because I thought they were all fuzzy. 

I really just wanted to sit in a camp chair and hold Muscle Max, but I didn't want to get him sick. But now that I think about it, his mother has had bronchitis some four or five times since he was born, so maybe he's immune to it. . . ?

Steve prepared this Kokanee Salmon that Mike caught at Flaming Gorge:

Kaleigh ate a well-balanced dinner: 

Logan returned from the emergency room with a sling around his broken wrist:

No tears from this boy. . . he's a tough kid: 

He told his mom it was a good thing he didn't break both of his arms. . . because then how would he pick his nose???

These four have posed for a lot of pictures for me over the last two weeks. . . but they were willing to oblige for a couple more: 

We had to pull these four away from their badminton game so we could go set off fireworks. 

Steve was in charge of picking out the fireworks this year. . .

He doesn't mess around. 

It's not the Fourth of July without Fat Boys:

Rhino noses. . . 

And cousins: 

 I'm glad there's a cute baby to take pictures of too.

We started out with smoke bombs. If we would have had some music, it would have been a legitimate dance party: 

Max was unimpressed: 

 Parachutes were up next:

And then it was time for Mike's specialty, the tank war: 

Kaleigh fell asleep on my lap, so that was the end of pictures for me. Steve took these shots of the sparkler action at the end of the night:

Lucy fell asleep before the sparklers; we are so off with our sleeping schedules.

Rachel was not happy about going home. She wanted to join everyone else back at Dave and Leslie's for more fun. But we still had to pick up Boy Scout flags. She's an excellent helper with the flags. 

I apologized to my husband and probably need to apologize to everyone else for my sleepiness/orneriness yesterday. I really thought I'd bounce back quickly with an antibiotic, but it looks like I'm stuck waiting for this bird flu bronchitis to pass. As we pulled into our driveway, I was super thankful that Leslie had hosted because that might have would have put me over the edge. (Thanks.) We missed Richard and Gloria, who just hit their one-year mark on their mission. But we still had some good times with the rest of Team Ballard. 


Where are my Mary Jane's? said...

These are beautiful! Way to go on your updates.

Gloria said...

Love the pictures now I feel a part of all the fun! Glad it was a great 4th. Richard and I thought about getting some fireworks just because, but we didn't! We just thought of you all having a great day.