Back to School 2014

We started our back to school shopping early this year because I knew there was no way we were going to be able to get everything in one trip. Rachel and Lucy have eight classes each this year, and they needed nine binders, fifty dividers. . . after four trips to Staples, we finally had everything. This is Lucy's pile of school supplies for fifth grade: 

Back-to-School Night was a little crazy. I met with twelve teachers. . . who each asked me to sign up to volunteer in their classroom. After I got talked into being "room parent" for one class, I felt okay about limiting my responsibilities in the others. 

And here are three cute kids, ready for their first day of school: 

After they were gone, I pulled up first day of school pictures from 2013 and 2012 to compare: 

And then I realized we clearly needed to retake pictures with Lucy and Rachel on opposite sides. (Yes, their Pottery Barn backpacks have lasted a long time!) 

When they got home from school, they ran inside the door yelling: 

"Mr. Martin is SUPER nice!" (Adam) 

"Fifth grade is AWESOME!" (Lucy) 

"I forgot everything!" (Rachel. . . poor girl lost her schedule and ended up going to the wrong class. Twice.) 

We hurried off to go swimming. It was Steve's first time ever at North Shore. We sure like seeing more of him these days. Rachel and Lucy raced me back and forth across the pool (Lucy legitimately beat me in the butterfly.) And then the Phipps challenged us to a diving competition: 

Ummmmmm, we lost. 

Kids (and moms) conquered their fears of the high dive, and David Phipps put on quite the show: 

The lifeguard was not impressed and told him gainers were against the rules:

Adam can finally swim well enough to use the diving board: 

He jumped off over and over again: 

We ate pizza and watched the kids do gymnastics on the lawn as the sun set:

And that's when the Phipps' kids true personalities came out: 

The Bowshers and Petersons were there too, but Rachel had my camera. (So now I have some forty-five pictures of Charlotte doing cartwheels and backbends.) The "golden hour" was as perfect as could be; I could have sat around and visited all night. But the pool closed and we had to hurry those kids home to bed. 

The next morning, it was back to school again. And more back to school pictures: 

I think they nailed it: 

These kids of mine are looking old, especially with their long legs:

And big teeth:  

Adam's goals for 2nd grade: 

1. Finish RAZ Kids. 
2. Get to outstanding 4 days each week. 
3. Get to school on time. 
4. Be my best. 

It's still painful to go into Kaleigh's room and see her backpack, school clothes, and school supplies, all ready for kindergarten. We haven't seen her for two weeks, and communication with Derrick has been disagreeable. We miss her. I catch comforting phrases here and there and feel like they are just for me. Most recently was this one during a movie at the Egyptian Theater: 

"He knows His children and He will provide for them." 

In the meantime. . . we are back to school with three kids. 

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