Skirt in the Dirt

I don't know how this happened, but we've lived in Ogden for almost seven years (!) and hadn't ever been to this race. Skirt in the Dirt is actually one of three official races that take place at Fort Buenaventura as part of Hurt in the Dirt weekend. 

Friday night was a night time 5K called Dirt in the Dark, Saturday morning was Skirt in the Dirt, the Ladies-only 5K, and finally, there was a serious Offroad Duathlon. Hurt in the Dirt has something for everyone, even the kids. Before the Offroad Duathlon, they also had a short (free) race for the kids called. . . Squirt in the Dirt. 

We had talked about running Skirt in the Dirt with the Junior League of Ogden team, but we weren't sure of our plans for the 24th of July holiday and weekend. Plus, I still had this crazy swollen bruised area on my left thigh from doing a back hip circle on the gymnastic bars at open gym. (Bad idea. The only thing that might have made it worthwhile would have been if I had gotten it on video.) 

Steve, Adam, and I went out to Fort Buenaventura on Friday night to volunteer for Dirt in the Dark. We helped set things up and then ended up running the timing for the race. While I was there, I registered Rachel and Lucy for Skirt in the Dirt. (Kids were only $15, awesome.) We didn't get home that night until after eleven, and then we went to work making skirts for the girls. It was past 1:00 am when Steve finished Rachel's skirt. He definitely deserves an award for that. 

We were up bright and early to get these cute girls down to Ft. Buenaventura: 

We met up with their friends, Brielle and Olivia Boer, whose parents were also volunteering at the race: 

Junior League had such an amazing team. . . I was sad not to officially join them: 

But being the timer is a serious responsibility. . . and there was also that thing with my swollen leg. . . 

Skirt in the Dirt is awesome for taking pictures. If you are a photographer, you should come out just for the picture ops. 

Here are some Junior League friends: 

More Junior League friends: 

The Kirkland girls won the award for best costumes. . . and if there was an award for best photo bomber, that would have gone to number 59. She made her way into quite a few pictures!

Here are some friends from church. Eva was celebrating her birthday. . . such a fun idea. 

We also had the super-important job of blowing the air horns to start the race: 

And then they were off. Number 113 is one of my Junior League friends. If you're ever hosting a party and want to bring some excitement, she's the one to invite. 

So proud of Rachel. . . she sped through the race with the fast group. 

So proud of Lucy. . . I was surprised to see her run most of the race. 

Here are those cute Kirklands again: 

More Junior League friends: 

I think this might be my favorite picture of the day: 

The Junior League ladies won the award for largest team. The announcer kept calling them to come accept their prizes. . . but they were too busy enjoying the free champagne. (I think the Milligan cousins should try to win largest team next year!)

And just to be clear, none of the Hurt in the Dirt runners end up with great times. You wade through rivers, climb over fallen trees, and they actually had to divert the race route because everyone was getting stung by wasps. . . it's a rough race. 

Lucy ended up with an ankle injury: 

So we made her carry Steve's heavy backpack and walk all over the place. . . just kidding. 

Adam was tired being the spectator and decided it was his turn to run. 

He was all sorts of serious about the Squirt in the Dirt race: 

And so were these other cute boys: 

We love seeing our Bountiful friends, the Philpots and the Holts, at events like this. After the races were over, (except for the Offroad Duathlon. . . Steve and I snuck away before we got roped into timing for that one) we took the kids over to the Kids' Zone. They played on the inflatable slide, jumped in the bouncy house, and fought each other with the jousting sticks. . . all while Steve napped underneath a tree. 

I seriously love the GOAL Foundation. And I clearly loved Hurt in the Dirt. And P.S. The GOAL Foundation loves its Hurt in the Dirt volunteers. They took such great care of us! They hooked us up with shirts, hats, and pins, and our bellies never got hungry. Even if you don't want to run or take pictures at next year's event, come out and volunteer! 


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