Hi, my name is Adam Lewis Ballard

Adam is getting spotlighted at school this week. 

Adam got spotlighted at the beginning of September, when I first started this post. 

We had a bit of a fiasco with Costco being closed for Labor Day and then Sam's Club having different hours than what was posted online. . . but Steve went to Sam's Club at 7:30 am on Tuesday morning to pick up this cool poster for Adam to take to class: 

On Thursday, I was invited to go eat lunch with Adam at school. I took him a grilled cheese sandwich from Kneaders: 

He was slightly disappointed because he was missing out on his very favorite school lunch, nachos: 

This is Adam's cute friend, D'Angelo Saucedo. (I'm including his last name just in case you want to say his full name out loud, which you should do in a deep, announcer-style voice.) D'Angelo's raising his hand in this picture to get permission to go out to recess. Please note that he ate his pears (which he dipped in nacho cheese) and three chips. And he drank his chocolate milk. 

Adam was proud of his poster, so I took a picture of him standing in front of it. I told him to raise his hands out like he was in the photo, but he got embarrassed and said no: 

Adam wanted me to stay for recess, but then he remembered that he had gotten in trouble (for talking) and had to "walk the red line" for five minutes. That meant he walked back and forth on the curb for five minutes, which turned out to be his entire lunch recess. The old punishment was to stand against the wall, so I think this walking of the line is a good improvement.

Other Adam updates from September. . . mostly from Instagram. 

Adam is a model. Just kidding, but he things the new Smeg fridge at Steve's office is the best thing ever. (Because it's filled with soda and Gatorade.) 

A couple Sundays ago, we went up to North Fork for hotdogs and s'mores with the Ballard Family. This is the only picture I got of Adam because he likes to sneak away and disappear, out of sight:

We go to cross country meets, and he runs off to the playground or finds a tree to climb. . . 

We go to the Ogden Amphitheater, and he climbs up on the fence and hides behind the shrubs. . . 

It would be nice if I always knew where he was, but stays fairly close and comes back when I yell his name. 

Adam is playing soccer with the East Central Futbol Club. They meet at the park, do some homework, run soccer drills, and then play some scrimmages. I absolutely love it. Adam gets to play soccer and I don't have to give up my Saturdays. 

Adam participated in his first bike race at the XTERRA Games:

He got a medal for the bike race, and then lined up for the Kids Sprint:

It was pretty intense: 

Adam was just as happy as could be about receiving two medals:

Can you see that XTERRA tattoo on his left arm? Adam came up to me the next day and said, "Mom, I tried two different kinds of soap, I used a scrubber, and I even tried to bite it, but I cannot get this tattoo off." 

Adam continues to spend a lot of time playing on his iPod, but he is also the only child in this family who eagerly completes their homework and chores. He gets ready lightening fast and is also the only child who makes their bed in the morning. . . without even being asked. 

He is still obsessed with dogs. 

And he still says lots of funny things. Here are some of the quotes I have written down. 

"I'm going to ask Jesus two questions when he comes to earth again. I'm going to ask him why he named the animals the names he did and why he created animals."

Lucy: Adam, can you swim without plugging your nose?
Adam: Yeah, but it's like jumping. It's one of those things I'm not very good at. 

"Mom, Rachel karate chopped my stomach and it felt unpleasant. Does she get a punishment?"

"Mom, me and Dad are lucky. We were both named after people. Dad was named Steve after (the monkey in) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and I was named Adam after Adam Sandler." 

I got a new case for my phone and Adam asked, "Mom, when you're done with that, can you give it to me so I can save it for my wife?" I tried not to laugh and said yes. He continued, "She's gonna love it. . . I hope." 

And then here's a story that I posted on Facebook from last week's FHE: 

Me: Can anyone think of a story from the Bible that teaches us about gratitude?
Lucy: The Ten Lepers. . . can I tell it?
Me: Sure. 
Lucy: Jesus went to a town where they were ten lepers. The people were afraid of them and wouldn't go near them. 
Me: Adam, do you know what a leper is?
Adam: Yeah, it's like a cheetah, but it's not that fast. 


AngelaW said...

Great Post. Love that Adam boy!

The Ballard's said...

I love this post and this boy!