Peach Day 2014

This year's Peach Day was on September 10, 2014. It was beautiful and cold and felt like fall. 

We have no pictures from 2013, so Steve assigned me to be the photographer. It might have also been to keep me away from the peaches. He actually prefers to do all of the picking himself. 

We are extremely careful with the peaches, and Steve has become fairly particular with the way they are loaded up. These are not our crates. . . single layer only for us. And no buckets! 

These girls didn't really mind how things went down. . . they were just happy to be missing school: 




Uncle Ray: 

Lucy and Aunt Dona: 

James and Dona: 

Uncle James requested this picture so that he can study it and be able to tell Rachel and Lucy apart:

What a beautiful morning!

Did you know that Steve is the king of cheesy poses? 

Well, he is. And I'm afraid it's going to rub off onto these kids: 

I am thankful for my family.
Thankful for my Grandpa whose generosity and kindness bless those who interact with him. 
Thankful for my uncles who have taught me a lot about fruit, among other things. 
Thankful for fall and the changing seasons. 
Thankful that we live in Utah where we have access to our family. And fruit. 
Thankful for the harvest.
Thankful for peaches.


Kayli said...

So jealous! Did I ever mention we lived in Willard for a while when I was a kid and had our own peach orchard?! I don't know why we ever moved but there are no peaches anywhere in the world to compare with those on the fruit belt of Brigham City/Willard/etc. Well, maybe there are, I've never been to Georgia, but nowhere else in the world that I'VE been.

Also, super cute pictures of all of you!

Stephanie Dirks said...

I love the simplicity of this post. Just beautiful! I can feel the love you feel for everyone in that orchard. And your love of the orchard, as well. This post was just peachy. (I couldn't help myself! I am a nerd, what can I say?)

i'm h.mac said...

I made two peach pies from my ballard peaches, 2! Good picking steve!

Natalie B. said...

I am so jealous...peaches are my favorite things in the world and those look amazingly big and juicy. There is just nothing better! Great pics!

@udj said...
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@udj said...

It was so good to see James and Donna, Ray as well. I just smiled and felt happy, it was good to remember some childhood memories with their families. I love the Maloufs and wish I was one.