School Pictures 2014

You would think that I'm just slow posting, but today I finally received the digital downloads I ordered from Lifetouch back in October. The images were dark, and I'm not sure what parameters they use for face placement, but I had to do some cropping to make all three kids look like they have similarly sized heads.

Rachel, 6th Grade:


Lucy, 5th Grade: 


Adam, 2nd Grade: 


Rachel Runs Cross Country

In September Rachel decided that she was going to join the cross country team at her school. The team was made up of sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth graders:

Their first meet was in Syracuse: 

Rachel and her friend, Eliza Loosli:

Rachel was all smiles at this race:

And she was crazy fast in her new running shoes: 

These three sixth graders made quite a statement: 


Rachel did some meditating before her next meet:

And it must have helped because she took 6th place overall:

 These three sixth graders dominated: 

The third meet was in North Ogden:

Rachel had injured her ankle, but decided to go ahead and run anyway:


But no smiles . . .


Especially not with the poorly marked course, uneven terrain, and extra distance that they accidentally had the girls run:


When did she get so tall?!?


I didn't realize it when I was taking the picture . . . but those girls on the left are from a different school; their jerseys just happen to be the same color. Can you spot Rachel's face in the back center?


 The fourth meet was at the Ogden River Parkway. I got all sorts of great pictures of Rachel's teammates:


But Rachel's photos were fuzzy: 

 I even stood in the rain to catch some pictures of the boys:


I love how the water is dripping off Isaac's ears. Everyone was soaked

Except for the smart people with umbrellas:  

Rachel's ankle was in bad shape and was requiring a lot of attention/ice. We counted down the days until Region.

None of the runners were smiling because they accidentally had them run too far . . . again:

Eliza is a fun runner to watch. She takes giant strides:


And runs like a gazelle: 

She totally passed this girl right before the finish line: 

I was so proud of Rachel. I could tell she was frustrated and in pain, but she kept going:

She is a strong runner: 


I took a bunch of pictures because we both thought this was her last race: 

Rachel got 22nd place at Region, which put her at 8th or 9th on her team:


It was her worst race of the year, and this is how she felt:


I still talked her into posing for a picture, but this smile is completely fake, and then she limped to the car:

We had to hurry off to a Junior League meeting, but then we got a text saying that they had announced that Rachel got to go to State! She was outside the top seven runners for the team, but she had a fast enough time to fill one of the individual spots. She was ecstatic, and we were so happy for her. She was so happy to be able to go to State with her friend, Eliza. They announced their names at school, and it was a really big deal.

Here's a picture of Rachel running to the start line at state. The bus arrived late, and they had to delay the start of the race.




Here they are . . . all lined up and ready to go: 

Rachel and Eliza appeared to be nice and calm: 

But some of the other girls weren't. I wish I knew the story behind this picture: 


Eliza's stride is amazing:


I tried to get in position to get a photo of Rachel running with the beautiful mountains in the background, but taking pictures of cross country runners is tricky and this is the best I got: 


Rachel was frustrated with her run, so this is another fake smile. (She is getting good at them.) But I was so proud of her for qualifying to run at State as a sixth grader. Congratulations, Rachel!

Lucy took these next few pictures. When we go to parks, I frequently lose Adam. Can you find him?

He likes to climb to the very top of trees:

Hanging out at your sister's cross country meet is always an adventure when you have friends like Oliver and Silas:

I never would have thought that cross country could be so much fun to watch!