A Sunday Trip to the Spiral Jetty

We were long overdue for a trip to the Spiral Jetty, so I picked a date and invited everyone we knew. Just kidding, but I invited a lot of people and one by one, they all backed out. Except for the Looslis and the Joneses. 

We met up with Molly Jones and Family at Golden Spike National Historic Site. The mosquitos attacked us on our way in from the parking lot so we tried to buy some repellant from the gift shop. They didn't have any for sale, but they had a can they let us use. (By the time we sprayed all sixteen of us, I'm sure there wasn't much left.)  

We planned to spend some time at the museum, but we were running a little late and decided to go straight to the Spiral Jetty. Some of the boys snuck outside while we were busy going to the restroom and getting drinks. 

The road to the Spiral Jetty has been significantly improved. No more "No Trespassing" signs, no more getting out to open cattle gates, and no more treacherous rocks on the road. It was so much faster than we remembered. The map will tell you that it will take almost an hour from Golden Spike National Historic Site, but it was more like twenty minutes. We think it would be fun to make the 16-mile trip on bicycles. 

The rain stopped right just before we arrived at the Spiral Jetty and I don't remember seeing any mosquitos. I talked these three girls into posing for a picture before they ran off: 

And then off they went: 

The last time we visited everyone ended up soaking wet and freezing cold. We were excited that the lake's water levels were significantly lower. The jetty was constructed at 4195 feet; the day we visited the water level was 4192.9 feet. (Water levels can be checked at this link.) 

The weren't gone long before they turned around and came back:

To show us the snake Ashton found: 

Then everyone was back to exploring: 

There are so many cool things to look at. The rocks encrusted with salt make you feel like you are on another planet: 

It's always so tricky to figure out what footwear will be best. I've worn shoes, rain boots, and sandals. And every time I end up wishing I had something different. Eliza was, officially, the first person to take off her shoes and run around barefoot:

Lucy wrote this message for our neighbor, Mark Peterson: 

Did you catch the missing letter? 

The Spiral Jetty is remote, obscure, and absolutely perfect for taking pictures: 

Ashton and the snake became good friends: 

I asked Lucy to do a cartwheel for me, but she told me she didn't know how. (Have I failed as a mother??) So then Steve told me to do one. Lucy didn't think I could, so of course I had to show her. It's not graceful, but it's a cartwheel: 

I caught a picture of Oliver walking on water: 

Ruby marched out to explore the pink water. (I think rain boots are the optimal choice of footwear, but you have to clean them off as soon as you get home so the salt crystals don't ruin them.) 

Last March there was a really cool art exhibit at Weber State University created out of salt by internationally claimed artist, Motoi Yamamoto. As a culminating event, they traveled to the Spiral Jetty to return the salt used for his artwork to the Great Salt Lake. The Looslis couldn't participate that day, but saved some of the salt for our trip to the Spiral Jetty. It was really neat since we had gone to the opening reception of the exhibition together too. Here are the kids helping the salt "return to the sea": 

Eliza hitched a ride: 

So then Lucy did too: 

No shortage of things to take pictures of at the Spiral Jetty: 

I love these pictures I snagged of Jared and Saren: 

Have a mentioned that the Spiral Jetty is a great place to take pictures?

It's also a great place to get dirty . . . 

I just love the unlimited opportunities for exploration: 

And the universal appeal to all ages: 

We spied this old rusty metal buoy on our drive in and decided to go check it out: 

The boys only stuck around for a minute: 

And then they were off to explore on their own again: 

Everyone took turns posing for pictures: 

It was good entertainment: 

No, but seriously . . . everyone was laughing and having such a fun time. I loved it. 

Steve said it was my turn to be in a picture and took this one of me with Lucy and Rachel. I love it: 

A few more poses: 

And then we were off to explore the old pier posts. Adam had a plan to climb to the top of one: 

But it didn't work out very well: 

Steve thought he'd give it a shot: 

But he couldn't make it work either . . . even with Adam's hands on his bum: 

We figured the only person who could make it work was Rachel: 


Another beautiful view: 

Another look at the details: 

And then we went back to the parking lot. These boys went on quite a journey. So glad Adam has Oliver and Silas as friends: 

The skies were blue, the sun came out, and it was just perfectly pleasant: 

We set out our camping chairs and shared the hodgepodge dinners we had each packed: 

Only Jones soda for this cute little Jones girl. 

We admired the view: 

And listened to Ruby tell some stories. You can tell this was a good one because it involved both hands: 

The snake threw up . . . so that was exciting: 

And since we had an amazing photographer with us, we figured we should pose for a family picture: 

This turns out to be my favorite of the year!

Ruby, Molly, Adam, and Greta: 

Isaac, Eliza, Oliver, Jared, Saren, Silas, and Ashton: 

What a fun adventure with some really quality people. So glad you guys came!

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