Grandpa's 100th Birthday Celebration

In celebration of my grandpa's 100th birthday, we held a gathering at the Logan Country Club: 

As everyone walked in, they stood in line to greet Grandpa:

I had thought it was a no kids event, but everyone else brought their children and it turned out to be a really fun event for all of the cousins:

There was lots of good food:

Lots of good visiting:

Lots of fun activities for the kids, including making cards:

And games . . . where Lucy won a jar of Spam!

The highlight of the party was when they brought out the birthday cake: 

I happened to be in the right place at the right time to snag this photo. It ended up on the front page of the Herald Journal with a great article summarizing my grandpa's life.

Grandpa needed some help blowing out all of those candles:

All of the grandchildren in attendance posed for a picture. Anna (Colorado), Sam (Millville), Rebecca (Idaho), Emily (Ogden), Daniel (Idaho), Carissa (Vernal), Jake (Alaska), Michael (Hawaii), Aneesa (Idaho), Maggie (Alaska), David (Michigan), and Matthew (Alaska):

All three of Ray and Sharyl's children were there:

Five of James and Dona's eight children were there:

More pictures:

My dad and his three siblings: Carole, Ray, Ron, James. 

Ray, the son: 

Dona and James (otherwise known as my favorite uncle): 

My favorite dad: 

More visiting:

(Lots of people wore green because it's my grandpa's favorite color): 

Everyone bid farewell to Grandpa: 

Fred gave Grandpa a hat with a mustache on it: 

And then he was all partied out!

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