Halloween 2014

We were planning to dress up in solid colored skin suits, but then Steve told me he was going to work and I wasn't going to dress up by myself with the kids. So Rachel and Lucy decided on mime skin suits and Adam picked out the alien. 

The mime costumes were hilarious:

Rachel and Lucy tried them out and practiced their mime act down at the Junction one night. They earned $4.30 in tips. 

Adam was so excited about his alien costume. It was a little tight in the crotch and said "Morphsuits" across the bum, so I returned it and ordered the Second Skin brand, which was much better (and fit more appropriately). 

On Halloween, I ran down to Sonora Grill to pick up chips and ice for the 4th Annual Jefferson Avenue Halloween Parade . . . and then I had to go back home and grab my camera. Because I couldn't pass up on this: 

Leslie had stopped by with her kids, so I took a picture of these three too: 

I can't tell you how much I loved Jessica's costume. (John Stamos as Uncle Jesse from Full House. She even brought props so Steve could dress up as Uncle Danny.) 

Then I sped back home. I loved the skin suit costumes because I didn't have to do hair and there weren't any parts or accessories to lose. It took all of two minutes for everyone to get ready. The kids told me that the best part of their costumes was that they didn't have to smile for any of the pictures: 

I was blown away by all of the great costumes this year:

The kids played duck, duck, goose. And Lucy was the only one who ended up with dog poop on her costume. 

This group of kids just keeps growing and growing: 

We had our parade: 

Most of the kids sped by way too fast. Next year we need to get them to slow down. 

These mimes really do crack me up . . . 

All six of these girls from our neighborhood (plus Pippi Longstocking) are members of the Jr. Junior League of Ogden: 

My friend, Janelle, borrowed Rachel's dress for Halloween. First time a friend has borrowed my daughters' clothing :)

So many happy kids: 

Then it was time for Saren's famous black bean soup. (This actually looks more like a bowl of regular chili): 

And more games: 

We ended the night with some fire-breathing by Brian Walker: 

Families left and the kids split off to go trick-or-treating: 

This is definitely one of my very favorite neighborhood events and the Looslis are so great to host every year. I love our fun Halloween tradition, but our numbers have grown and I will say that it was all pretty chaotic. There are a few things we ought to change for next year. I love taking pictures of all of the kids in their costumes, but by the end of the night, I felt like I hadn't really visited with anyone and had just been yelling at everyone to smile. Saren was so busy managing the food that she didn't get to visit with anyone either. So next year we need to #1 check the grass for dog poop, #2 slow down the parade, #3 delegate more, #4 try to talk the kids into trick-or-treating the neighborhood by themselves afterwards so the adults can sit around and visit for a while? 

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