Malouf Thanksgiving

Since we were all in town for my grandpa's birthday celebration, we decided to hold our Malouf Family Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  

 We started the day at church, which is anything but boring with these two girls: 

After sacrament meeting, Kacie took the twins home for a nap. Steve and I joined her to help get things started with the cooking. 

I had some heavy assignments this year. They included the gravy and the cranberry sauce: 

Kidding . . . sort of. We were also assigned the green beans, corn, and stuffing, but Steve took over on all of those. 

Kacie made her first turkey (and her famous yams that didn't get photographed):

I think the potatoes were a joint effort between Kacie and Steve: 

And Kacie made my favorite Thanksgiving treat: Raspberry Pretzel Jello

(My parents brought the rolls, beverages, and finger foods. Rebecca and Jared brought all of the pies.) 

Sam and Kacie's kitchen is perfect for hosting large parties. I love it. 

Here's the kids' table: 


And I'm sad I didn't get an official picture of the adults, but here's what I got of the adult table: 

Everything was sooooo good!

I had been having some stomach issues, but I ate and ate and ate. Until I couldn't move. Steve took a nap . . . until Cora woke him up with a kiss: 

And then it was time for pie!

The kids broke off into groups, some playing board games and others making music in the piano room. Finn and Steve had an epic battle:

Finn was the clear winner: 

Thanks to Sam and Kacie for hosting yet another fabulous family dinner!

Saturday night after my grandpa's celebration, we all met up for some swimming at our hotel's pool. There were lots and lots of smiles and only a few tears. I'm going to include those pictures here: 


The End.  

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Natalie B. said...

That food looks so divine. Maybe it is that I am eating cereal as I type this. Yummy! I might just crash your next Thanksgiving at Sam's! How did you guys get all the foodies in your family!?