Rachel's First Year

Delivered by Dr. Heiner: 

7 lbs. 5 ounces:

With Steve (23 years old):

Chubby cheeks (mine): 

Four generations: 

Richard and Gloria: 

My favorite hospital picture: 

Home from the hospital: 

Napping with Steve: 

Bath time (with Kacie): 

Daddy's girl: 

Ten days old: 

Two weeks old: 

Four weeks old: 

Bathtime in the kitchen sink: 

Always wanting to stand up:

All bundled up:

 Canoeing at the Bear River Flats:

Figuring out her face: 

Blessing Day: 

Bouncy Chair:

Logan Canyon: 


Sick little girl with Bronchiolitis: 

Her walker doubled as a highchair: 

Teton National Park: 

Finally got a highchair!

I made these overalls for her to wear to Girls Camp: 

Hanging out with Steve at Girls Camp:

Helping me tie a quilt for Dave & Leslie: 

All dressed up for Dave & Leslie's wedding:

 At the Hyrum fireworks:

Fourth of July with Great-Grandma Malouf: 

Waking up from a nap: 


Swimming at Logan Aquatic Center: 

Working in the garden: 

In Cleveland, Ohio, checking out Lake Erie: 

Driving from Michigan to Utah in our new VW Passat wagon:

Pit stop at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri:

Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park:

 Showing off her smile (and teeth):

Just eating a green pepper: 

Look at those long toes: 

Naked bum: 

Eating dirt: 

Learning to walk: 


On a hike up Green Canyon:

Getting a closer look at the ducks at Willow Park:

 At Jake's baby blessing: (her big, cute bow fell off ;)

Exploring the backyard: 

Big cheese: 

Moving Day: 


She's cute: 


And mobile: 

Merry Christmas!


Mindy said...

I love that she's had her signature smile from the very beginning! I would've know it was her just from those squishy baby blues.

Gloria said...

What precious memories! Seems like just yesterday.

Keicha Christiansen said...

I was smiling the entire time I scrolled through these pictures. So sweet. Isn't it amazing how fast our babies grow up?