Witches' Tea Party

Back in September, we started the Jr. Junior League of Ogden "a brand new organization for girls ages 10 –16 years". These girls "share in the joys of volunteering, develop leadership skills, and improve our community." 

The Jr. Junior League girls were asked to help host the Witches' Tea Party, an annual activity that is held in conjunction with the Witchstock Festival. 

By the time we arrived at the Ogden Amphitheater, Christy McBride, Kim Bowsher, and others had already put in lots and lots of hours with the set up and decorations:

It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm day, but the wind was a bit of a problem:

So the girls scurried from table to table:

Securing these cute table centerpieces:

More JrJLO girls started to arrive in their cute witch outfits: 

Gracie helped Lucy with her makeup: 

And we played some games while we waited for the rest of the JrJLO witches to join us in the dressing room: 

The mirrors make it look like we had a whole mob of witches!

After some brief instructions, they were off to serve at the tea party:

Who knew the Witches' Tea Party was such a fun event? It's a cute little lunch:

Attended mostly by mothers and daughters: 

And grandmas and aunts and friends and neighbors . . . you get the point. 

The JrJLO girls were great little servers in their darling witch costumes:

They helped serve these delicious lunches:

It was fun to see the costumes of the ladies who came to the lunch. Some really went all out: 

There was actually a really great costume contest. I don't think they're going to do it this way again next year, but they were extremely generous with their prizes.

It was also fun to see some of Steve's cousins: 

I got all of the JrJLO girls up on the stage for a picture:

And then sent them back to work to bus their tables: 


They worked hard, and one of them even got a tip!

After lots of different contests for lots of different categories, they decided to let the JrJLO girls compete for a prize with a walk-off:

Leah Walker stole the show with her back handspring:

What a fun group of girls:

A little more cleanup . . . 

(Leah didn't want the extra hot chocolate packets to go to waste, so down her dress they went . . . )

A little more goofing around:

A few more pictures: 

And then it was FINALLY time for pizza:

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